Nilo Bermeo POST WID Rubric


ENG 102 Grading Sheet for Essays

• INTRODUCTION (hook, intro of primary work, summary)
Does the opening (hook) grab a reader’s attention and link to the overall issue or issues of the paper?

How specific yet concise is the summary of the primary works?

Which type of thesis statement is used in this paper?

Is the main argument clear and potentially provable?

• BODY PARAGRAPHS (topic sentences and concluding or transition sentences)
Are the topic sentences specific and clear?

Do the topic sentences help prove at least part of the thesis statement?

Does each body paragraph end with a concluding or transition sentence?

• ANALYSIS (personal, textual, comparative, and critical lens engagements)
What type or types of engagement are used in this paper?

How simplistic or complex is each type of used engagement?

Aside from restating the thesis and key supporting ideas, what else does this conclusion present to the reader?

What types of in-text citations are used?

How accurate or inaccurate were the in-text citations?

• Use of Secondary Sources (contextualization, summary, etc.)
How well is the secondary source introduced and summarized?

How is the quoted or paraphrased material from the secondary source used in conjunction with the primary source(s)?

Are all sources used in the paper accounted for in the works cited page?

Is each entry complete and fully following MLA guidelines?

• APPEARANCE (grammar, spelling, etc.)
Are there any spelling mistakes or grammar issues?

Do these problems affect the overall reading / comprehension of this essay?

(Combined + Total)

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