Nilo Bermeo PRE WID Rubric


ENG 102 Grading Sheet (Essay # 1)
Filled Out

• /1 - INTRODUCTION (title, hook, intro of primary work, summary)
Title to paper can be a bit more original.
Missing title for essay.
Summary is too short. You need 1-2 more sentences.
You provide certain facts in intro that need to be cited in the essay and then also included in the works cited page.
Summary lacks main idea and key supporting details.
Missing summary for both works.
Need to explain the hook.
Missing hook and explanation of hook.
Summary is too long. It needs to be trimmed a bit.

Strong hook – started with a question.
Introduced the full name of the article and full name of the author.
Provided a satisfactory summary of the primary source.

Thesis statement is currently not working.
There are two parts that must be argued in the thesis and both these parts need revising.

There are two parts that must be argued in the thesis statement, and you are missing one. You are missing the part where you show what each character wanted to be happy or satisfied.

Both the similarity portion and the difference portion of the thesis needs to be revised.
The order of the argument and/or reasons needs to be changed. Please look over previous comment by the thesis.

Excellent specific thesis – provided argument and reasons.

• /3 - BODY PARAGRAPHS (topic sentence, explain topic sentence, evidence, analysis, concluding or transition sentence)
The explanation of the topic sentence is missing. You do not explain your topic sentences at all.

Since you did not prove one part of the actual assignment, you are missing this body paragraph.

Though evidence is provided, it sometimes does not help prove the topic sentence.
In a couple of body paragraphs, it was not entirely clear what you were trying to present and what part of the thesis you were trying to prove at the moment.

At least one topic sentence needs reworking.

At least one body paragraph is unclear. I am not sure of its purpose.

You do not need to announce what you will write. For example, this quote shows, or this means.

For one body paragraph, you did not explain the topic sentence.
In each body paragraph, you are missing a key element needed to prove your points.

Order of body paragraphs does not follow order of thesis statement.

You had multiple ideas in the body paragraphs and so the body paragraphs need to be split. This results in some of the ideas currently being underdeveloped in the body paragraphs.

One body paragraph is only summary.
Other body paragraphs are underdeveloped.

Decent topic sentences – each details what paragraph will be about.
Strong topic sentences – each detail what paragraph will be about and helps connect back to part of the thesis.
You explained the topic sentences, provided evidence in each body paragraph, and provided analysis.
Strong concluding or transition sentences.

• / 2 - ANALYSIS (personal, textual, or outer engagement / surface level vs deep level)
Missing analysis for at least one quote.
The evidence you provide sometimes does not really connect with your analysis.
There are places where different evidence should have been used instead of what was chosen. This naturally affected the analysis portion as well.

Missing expanding on / analyzing your own personal example.
Analysis for the secondary sources was missing, vague, and / or incomplete.

There are places where the analysis was too short and/or you did not fully discuss the main parts of the quote you used.

There were places where further evidence was needed and thus further analysis.

Excellent job of analyzing the quotes / evidence throughout.
For the most part, solid job of analyzing the quotes / evidence throughout.

Conclusion is short and underdeveloped.
There are plenty of areas where you can add to the conclusion. Please look over comments regarding the conclusion.
Does not reflect back to your main topics
Can add a bit more to the conclusion such as offering advice or warning.
Missing Conclusion
You need to connect your closing statements to the primary sources.

Solid conclusion – restated key elements of thesis and rest of essay while also offering advice / reflection.

Missing at least one citation.
Citing format needs revising.
Missing most in-text citations.

Your secondary source should not be in the introduction or the conclusion. It is meant to help strengthen a body paragraph.

Excellent citing throughout.

• /2 – Use of Secondary Sources (contextualization, summary, etc.)
You do not give the full name of the title of the secondary source.
You do not give the full name of the author of the secondary source when you first introduce the source.
You do not really summarize the secondary source.
Your summary of the secondary source is too minimal and vague.
Missing one secondary source.
Missing both secondary sources.
The quote used from a secondary source is not being connected well with at least one of the primary sources.

Excellent job with introducing and summarizing source.
Decent job of introducing and summarizing source.

Heading needs work.
Entries are either incomplete or not following correct format for its source type.
Missing works cited page.
There are a couple of places where the citation is missing or needs revising.

Overall, the works cited page is well put together.

• /1 - APPEARANCE (grammar, spelling, etc.)
Need to properly indent each paragraph.
Way too many issues with comma splices (cs).
A good amount of issues capitalizing the “I” pronoun.

Decent grammar and spelling for the most part.

(Combined + Total)

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