Nilo Bermeo PRE WID Writing Assignment


ESSAY # 1 (Must be minimum of 800 words) ENG102 Instructor – Nilo A Bermeo

Submission Process:

Email Essay # 1 to me as an attachment. My GMAIL address:


 Heading is single spaced (your name is on first line, course on second line, date on third line, essay #1 on fourth line, followed by option #)
 Must have proper title (connected to your central thesis/argument – It cannot simply be named Essay 1 or named after the title of one of the articles)
 All papers must be typed and double spaced / Use Times New Roman 12-point font.
 At end of paper – type # of words (not counting heading and title)
 Must include Works Cited page


In “Kid Dynamite,” “Karintha,” “‘Repent, Harlequin!’ Said the Ticktockman,” and “The Mortal Immortal,” the main characters confront a hostile society all while seeking some form of satisfaction or happiness. Picking TWO of these stories, examine how the main characters are treated by society AND what each character seeks out to be satisfied or happy. In what ways does society try to harm them or prevent them from achieving their goals? Is what each character is looking for attainable or impossible to get? Is one character more successful by story’s end, or are both equally successful, or could it be that they both equally fail? Though this is not a compare and contrast essay, if you feel you would rather tackle the subject matter by comparing and contrasting the works, then go ahead and do so.

To strengthen your overall position, you will be required to find and incorporate two secondary sources. These sources may discuss the specific work, topic of interest, or specific critical theory learned in class.

NOTE – You must not only find the most effective way to blend the secondary articles to the rest of your argument, you must also clearly contextualize both secondary sources and provide sufficient quoting and analysis. I will not accept just a random quote from an article with no contextualization and very little critique. I want to see that you have thoroughly read the secondary sources and found the best means of using them in your paper.

• You will choose TWO of the abovementioned works
• You will find two additional secondary sources
• You will quote multiple times from the primary works chosen
• You will quote multiple times from the two secondary sources (at least two each)
• You will incorporate at least two literary terms into your paper. Make sure to highlight these terms.
• You will provide a complete Works Cited page for all sources used

Note – You must also show your ability to incorporate literary devices / terminology such as narrator function, characterization, setting, imagery, conflict, round vs flat character, etc. Please make sure you properly label the type of jargon you are using when analyzing. Also, DO NOT just pick two terms and haphazardly stick them into your paper. You must find a way to interweave these terms with your overall argument in your body paragraphs.

Learning Objectives for Essay 1:

- Understanding of primary source(s) used
- Engagement
o Personal Engagement
o Textual Engagement
o Outer Engagement
- Analysis
o Deep level analysis over surface level analysis
o Ability to use literary terms (jargon) in an organic manner
o Ability to raise questions and answer them through textual support and problem-solving
- Standard Essay Model
o Introduction
 Hook
 Proper introduction of author(s) and text(s)
 Summary of text(s)
 Specific thesis
o Body Paragraphs
 Topic sentence
 Explain / expand on topic sentence
 Evidence / support
 Analysis
 Concluding or transition sentence
o Conclusion
 Offer advice, warning, predictions, etc.
- Works Cited page
o Follow latest MLA conventions

Remember to follow the college’s policy on Academic Integrity

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